Renewable Energy for Domestic Use

Solar energy is the never ending source of energy because it is coming from the sun. This energy is the best kind of renewable energy. This energy is a boon to the 2mankind, as it is environment friendly and it does not cause any kind of pollution. Solar energy is the mixture of the potential energy and heat, which enters at the surface of our planet Earth as the sun rays. When these rays come to the earth, then it converts into light and heat energy. This energy is further used through various techniques, which releases energy for the use of mankind. Solar energy has many advantages in our daily life which is prominently used as domestic purpose. Some of the best form of solar energy, which is utilized for domestic purpose, is enumerated as under.

Solar Cookers

Solar cookers are the latest innovation, which is used to cook food. It is a box, in which there is a reflector and this reflector grasp the sun rays and make the cooker hot. Inside the solar cooker, the food is kept and it slowly gets cooked. It is used in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There are many people who use this 1solar cooker for cooking various meals. Rice and lentils are mainly cooked in the solar cookers. In India there is a place where, solar energy is used to cook for millions of people and it has been used in many areas now. It saves electricity and other sources of fuel, in which the food is usually cooked.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heater is a good source of using renewable energy, in which water is heated. This is a very simple process, using solar energy and it works just like the solar cell. But in this solar water heater, the water is heated with the help of the insulated panel, instead of the photo voltaic effect of solar cell. Solar water heaters are directly comes in contact with the sun rays and further it is kept in the insulated tank which is kept hot. It also works best in the monsoon regions, where the weather is mostly cloudy. Just imagine that water takes maximum time to get heated up and thus it wastes so much of fuel and electricity and if 2solar energy is used wisely then we can easily heat the water without using other sources of energy. It saves fuel andmoney.

Solar energy is the inexhaustible source of releasing energy because it is coming from the sun. And the sun is never going to die and thus we will be using solar energy in our future also.  In future, if there is no petrol, gas or electricity then we don’t have to worry about it. The solar energy does not create any kind of smoke or pollution and thus it is very good for the environment. Solar energy should be used in our planet for various uses because it is best for the human beings.